Beyond the horizon

cross-cultural experience today

Beyond the horizon: cross-cultural experience today

Toruń, 24th November 2017

Interculturalism has significantly influenced various fields of studies and the English language, regarded as the lingua franca of our times, has played a vital role in this process. The importance of developing intercultural competence is emphasised in official documents at the European level, including the CEFR, and internationalisation of universities has been one of the subjects of heated debates in Poland recently.

During the conference we ha dan honour to participate in a plenary lecture entitled „A Socio-Cognitive Perspective on the Language-Culture-Cognition Nexus in Educational Approaches to Intercultural Communicative Competence” by Professor Ariadna Strugielska.

We would like to thank all participants for their engagement and a wonderful atmosphere. It was a great pleasure to attend your presentations!gm

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