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Currents. A Journal of Young English Philology Thought and Review

Is a peer-reviewed online journal edited by doctoral students specialising in English studies at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland

ISSN 2449-8769

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"In creating CURRENTS, we are hoping to establish a space for reflection and exchange of ideas available to all students of English philology, whether at Bachelor’s, Master’s, or doctoral level, who would be interested in sharing the results of their research and taking up an academic discussion with their peers. We would like for CURRENTS to become a place that could potentially include texts pertaining to diverse fields of inquiry, starting with, but by no means limited to, broad areas of studies on culture, didactics, language, literature and translation, and narrowing them down to issues of particular interest to our Authors and Readers.


It is our hope that as CURRENTS gains traction, we will be able to reach contributors from ever more diverse fields of inquiry, while, at the same time, inviting further debate on the subjects that have already been touched upon. "

(from "Currents Editorial," CURRENTS vol.1, no.1)

Our Conferences


The International Emerging Scholars Online Conference in Anglophone Literature, Culture, and Linguistics

Horizons 2018: PERIPHERY

Annual interdisciplinary conference “Horizons” PERIPHERY: AGAINST THE MAINSTREAM

Beyond the horizon

"Beyond the horizon: cross-cultural experience today" International Conference.

Horizons 2016

Horizons 2016 was the first conference conducted at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń by Doctoral Students Association.

Of Other Worlds

Of Other Worlds - the title of C.S. Lewis's posthumously published work were the starting point for discussion on creation of fantastic worlds.

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All inquiries and comments should be submitted to

Our Events

Workshop 2018

The workshop is primarily addressed to those who wish to apply for doctoral studies at our Faculty.

Plagiarism workshop

The aim of the workshops was to present to students ways of recognising and preventing plagiarism.

Erasmus Orientation Week 2017

Doctoral Students’ Association contributed for the second time to the Erasmus Orientation Week.

Kamera Maius Film Workshop

Kamera Maius Film Workshop with Rafał Kapeliński

Workshop 2017

The workshop is primarily addressed to those who wish to apply for doctoral studies at our Faculty.

Rafael Kapelinski - day 3

The last day of our session took place in CSW where we enjoyed "Butterfly Kisses" followed by a short debate.

Rafael Kapelinski - day 2

Today we participated in a lecture "Inspirations" by our guest - Rafael Kapelinski.

Rafael Kapelinski - day 1

A short lecture by Marlena Hetman and the projection of Kapelinski's first film "Emily Cries".

Rafael Kapelinski - Meetings

We have an honour to invite you to a series of meetings with a very special guest – Rafael Kapelinski.

Open Doors Day 2017

The workshop was entitled ”In-Quote Yourself – British and American Literature in Quotes.”.

Erasmus Orientation Week 2017

The aim of the meeting was to familiarise our newly arrived quests with the Nicolaus Copernicus University’s regulations.

Workshop 2016

This workshop was dedicated to those who are thinking about applying for doctoral studies at our English Philology Department.

Extra English Challenge

It was a great opportunity for our guests to test their knowledge of English in a funny and inspiring way!

Film translation in practice

During the Faculty’s Open Days, our guests had an opportunity to participate in the computer workshop “Film translation in practice”.

Workshop on Audiodescription

A workshop on audiodescription for philology students, which was conducted by mgr Agata Bernaś.