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Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics


Authors are obliged to submit papers presenting their original ideas. All instances of quotation and paraphrase must be accompanied by proper citations. A proposed paper should present accurate data significant to a given area of study. A list of authors should include any persons who contributed substantially to the research and writing process. Ghostwriting and including non-contributing authors are prohibited.


The editors shall select the manuscripts for consideration with due diligence on the sole basis of their value to the appropriate research field and regardless of any of the authors’ personal characteristics such as gender or race. No information regarding the manuscripts shall be revealed to unrelated parties. Moreover, all manuscripts shall undergo an equitable peer review process.


Reviewers should not reveal any information about the reviewed text to unrelated parties. During the review process, reviewers should be objective and strive to provide guidance on substantial issues to the author(s).


All submissions and queries should be submitted to